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ANQR is fully compliant with international data privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA. We utilize the highest security on our payment gateways, and we do not store your card details. Any personal information which we require are so as to enable us deliver to you a superb, tailored shopping experience on ANQR. Refer to our privacy policy for more details.

You may return unsatisfactory products within a 14-day window. Please refer to our refund/exchange policy for the qualifying conditions for a return.

Our no-refunds policy reflects the hard work which our designers put into each handmade product, and the harsh economic climate in which that was done. However we are obligated to delighting you our customer by making an exchange.

Card payment disputes include double debits and failed payments may be settled through your bank or the card issuing authority.

Orders may be cancelled within 48-72 hours after they were made if the designer is unable to accept or process the order. The cancellation is done to protect you from unnecessary delays. When we cancel your order, your payment will be refunded to your card within 7-15 days.

Vendors Centre

Websites rank higher in organic search when they are linked to many others. Being part of ANQR is the cheapest and most effective way for you to do that.

Being part of a collective helps businesses maximize their existing capabilities and benefit from new ones. If your aim is to maximize returns on your business, ANQR marketplace is the place to be.

There are many options by which you can tailor orders to your capacity. On the page, “Add new products”, you have the “manage stock button” to indicate the exact volume of stock you intend to process. Also, uncheck the box, “allow back orders”. As a last resort, you may select the option, “out of stock”. We do not recommend that you go out of stock too often. An alternative is to invest in higher production capacity.

Customers are allowed to return defective and/or unsatisfactory products within 7 days of a completed purchase. Specific guidelines are attached to this process to ensure fairness. Customers may opt for an exchange or an outright refund, and either of these options helps to ensure that goodwill is not impaired in your business. According to the Service Recovery Paradox, such a customer is more likely to return.

Our value-added services to our vendors include Quality Control, Branding, Logistics, Customer Support, and cutting-edge Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence. For all these, we charge a monthly subscription fee and 19% of every successful sale (excluding VAT).

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